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Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Round + Square

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Availability: Made to order

Drill Type: Round
Full Drill Canvas

Custom 5D Diamond Painting kits allow you to create your own piece of unique art by uploading a photo, and purchasing the size you would like to create your diamond art with. 

Turn your favourite photo of family, friends or even your pet into the perfect DIY gift for any occasion.

What comes in my kit
With every Diamond Painting, you will receive:
  • - Colour coded canvas, per your selected size.
  • - Round diamond drills for the canvas
  • - Wax used to pick up and place diamond drills to the canvas
  • - Tweezers to help you remove a misplaced diamond
  • - A drill container used to store the colour diamond your currently applying to the canvas.
Items labelled as In Stock are sent within 3 business days.
Made to order items are made specifically for you, and take around 3-4 weeks to arrive.
Need advice selecting the best canvas, or would like a quote? Send us an email hello@paintingdiamonds.com.au

  • 11x11 inch (30cm x 30cm)
  • 11x15 inch (30cm x 40cm)
  • 15x15 inch (40cm x 40cm)
  • 15x19 inch (40cm x 50cm)
  • 11x23 inch (30x60cm)
  • 15x23 inch (50x60cm)
  • 17x25 inch (45x65cm)
  • 19x19 inch (50x50cm)
  • 19x23 inch (50x60cm)
  • 19x27 inch (50x70cm)
  • 19x31 inch (50x80cm)
  • 19x39 inch (50x100cm)
  • 19x47 inch (50x120cm)
  • 23x23 inch (60x60cm)
  • 23x31 inch (60x80cm)
  • 23x39 inch (60x100cm)
  • 27x39 inch (70x100cm)
  • 31x15 inch (80x40cm)
  • 31x31 inch (80x80cm)
  • 31x39 inch (80x100cm)
  • 31x47 inch (80x120cm)
  • 39x39 inch (100x100cm)
  • 39x47 inch (100x120cm)
  • Round
  • Square
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Type: Custom Diamond Painting