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In short: 

We recommend a minimum 40cm x 40cm for canvases with detail, smaller canvases should be used for test trials or canvases without sharp lines, faces etc. 

If your image is square you will need a canvas size like 30x30cm/40x40cm etc. If your image is rectangular you will need a canvas size like 30x40cm/40x50cm etc.

More info: 

Based on our years of experience crafting diamond paintings, the bigger a canvas with a full pasting area the better. The majority of our canvases are full pasting area's however - we do have some that are not, which are clearly described when they are not full pasting area's. 

The bigger the picture correlates to the better image quality and resolution, effecting the image sharpness and details that can visibly be seen on the canvas. 

If the canvas doesn't have an expectation for a realistic representation of a subject, or images without defined faced or lines, a 40cm x 30cm should be sufficient without you sacrificing too much of the pictures quality detail. 

40cm x 30cm can be sufficient for a single portrait of a face, however if there's multiple faces, you may want to consider 60cm x 50cm and above, to have a detailed enough representation of the faces etc. 

Our design team will alter your diamond painting canvas size to one that is of equal or lesser value if the image you have sent through is not eligible for the canvas size you have selected. Please make sure you have selected a canvas size that is rectangular or square like your image. A canvas that is 1x1cm is of a square value, where a canvas that is 1x2cm is of rectangular value.