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Subscribe and Save! Receive exclusive Australian diamond painting kits and customer favourites along with MUST-HAVE tools, special accessories and the best fun items like diamond stickers, magnets, pillowcases, lamps and SO MUCH MORE!


Available only within our subscription boxes for customer exclusivity, spend $57 per month for monthly boxes filled with $100+ worth of diamond fun. Receive 15% off when you purchase the 12-month subscription box.


It’s time to join the Painting Diamonds Society!

Fresh and Favourite diamond painting designs

Enjoy creating and displaying your Australian diamond artworks

Amazing perks only available for members of the Painting Diamond Society

Exciting variety of diamond art to play with


We’ve designed this subscription box of Australian Diamond Painting artworks and accessories to take the expense and hassle of waiting out of your craft hobby. Take advantage of the gifts and surprises in each and every box when it arrives on your doorstep every month!


Club members will receive:

Only full drill diamond canvas art

$100 plus worth of items in each box

All of the must have tools to make diamond art easy

Special discounts on our main collection of artworks

Unique diamond art accessories

Other arts & crafts from sister companies!

What comes in my kit
With every Diamond Painting, you will receive:
  • - Colour coded canvas, per your selected size.
  • - Round diamond drills for the canvas
  • - Wax used to pick up and place diamond drills to the canvas
  • - Tweezers to help you remove a misplaced diamond
  • - A drill container used to store the colour diamond your currently applying to the canvas.
Items labelled as In Stock are sent within 3 business days.
Made to order items are made specifically for you, and take around 3-4 weeks to arrive.
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