Got some questions? We've taken the liberty to answer the most frequently asked questions. 

What do I get in my subscription box?

Every month is slightly different. However, you can rely on the following every month:

  1. Diamond painting accessories and tools to make diamond art easy
  2. Mystery DIY Art gifts valued at $40 per order.
  3. Other arts & crafts from sister companies!
  4. Exclusive & Unlimited discounts (20% OFF all your orders as a member) on our main collection of artworks
  5. Free shipping


Do I get to choose my paintings? 

Currently no, that's what alot of the fun is about - getting new, fresh looks at diamond paintings you wouldn't ordinarily do!

Can I get the Diamond Society box in my country?

We currently offer the Diamond Society Box to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • New Zealand

When will I receive my Diamond Society box?

We make your diamond art and accessories specifically for you, so it takes us about 14 days to process and get the subscription box out to you! You'll then receive your monthly box at roughly the same interval, monthly. 

Want to take a break from Diamond Painting? Going on Holiday?

No dramas, we provide full flexibility when it comes to your subscription, just like netflix and other great services, you can pause and unpause whenever you need. Simply login to your account and pause your subscription at any time or contact us to do it for you