So, you've discovered the wonderful world of 5D Diamond Painting, it's amazing huh? This guide will cover everything that comes with our 5D Diamond Painting Kits and what you should know before purchasing your first kit.

Painting Diamonds - 5D Diamond Kit whats inside

Colour Coded Canvas

Firstly, and most importantly, all 5D Diamond Painting kits come with a colour coded canvas, this makes sure that you can follow the coloured, lettered or numbered steps to create your masterpiece.

Also, after you purchase a few kits, you'll find you will have extra diamonds around, so these can be put to good use for the future. You can buy a storage container from us too to store these.

Diamond Drills (DMC)

We typically stock two types of diamond drills, square or round - depending on the set purchased. Round vs Square diamond drills are really a matter of preference and experience whereas circular diamonds are generally preferred by beginners, as they're super simple to pick up and place on the canvas, and are extra sparkly especially on large paintings due to the amount of facets. 

Square diamonds provide the perfect fit, leaving the canvas with very minimal to no gaps and provide the 'snap' effect, leaving you with a very satisfying snap sound when all surrounding diamonds are placed on the canvas. 

Ultimately, there's so many unique diamond art kits to choose from, both with Painting Diamonds and elsewhere, so the possibilities are countless. It really comes down to preference and experience, but for newcomers we typically recommend the round diamonds as they're easier to apply. That said, if there's an art piece you like that's only available in square diamonds, don't be afraid to give it a try, as the difference isn't that big, but more on that topic to come. 


The wax is what helps your pen to apply the diamonds to the canvas. Every kit comes with a stick of wax which is typically about 30% too much wax on normal applications, leaving you with spares at the end. When getting started, be sure to remove the plastic film from the wax, exposing it so you can use the drill pen into the wax until it's full. 

When dipping the drill pen into the wax, you'll have to make sure that it penetrates the wax entirely, filling the pen to it's maximum. 


A simple, yet handy tool to have with your 5D Diamond Painting Kit, the tweezers are the "break incase of emergency kit" to help you remove a misplaced diamond. Obvious Tip - if you happen to misplace or break your tweezers provided, you can use a typical pair of tweezers that would come with a beauty kit, they'll do the job just fine. 

Painting Diamonds - Tools included in the 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond Tray

The drill tray is used to hold the colour diamond you’re currently applying to the canvas. This method is typical for beginners to expert DIY Diamond Painting artists, as it's best to complete one set of colours at a time. More advanced diamond painters have different approaches and methodologies when applying, but we think it's best to go one colour at a time!

Tip - When the drill tray has diamonds added, be sure to give the container a gentle shake side to side, so that the diamonds fall nicely into place within the raised lines, ready for easy pick-up with the faceted side up, and easy application to your canvas.

Amazing Diamonds

The diamonds are each bagged up and labelled with a number that corresponds with your canvas and also this coded number is called a DMC colour which can be used to order more from Painting Diamonds. We find that our kits come with about 30% more than you would need, leaving you plenty for mistakes, accidents or just spares for future. If you’re ever missing any, just let us know by filling in our lost diamond form and we will get them out to you ASAP.

Painting Diamonds - Diamonds included in the kit

Bonus Tips 

Bonus #1 - Peel off one side at a time

When you start your canvas, be sure to peel off one side of the canvas at a time. The canvas needs to stay clean and free of dust and debris, so it's best to only peel the sticky plastic off one side at a time.

Bonus #2 - Peel the opposite side of your dominant hand

Simple and logical tip, but we suggest peeling off the side, opposite to your dominant hand. As an example, if you're right handed we recommend peeling and starting from the left side first, and vice versa if you're a lefty. Predominantly so your hand doesn't stick to the canvas, which is always annoying.

Bonus #3 - Keep your canvas covered

So, depending on the canvas size you've purchased, you'll probably need multiple sittings to complete it (You could of course sit there for a few hours and complete it all...), so if you're going to leave your masterpiece in an 'in progress' state, it's best to keep the canvas covered. This makes sure that no debris and dust is on your masterpiece.