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How do I go about Diamond Paintings

How do I Go About Diamond Paintings in the UK? Are you ready to join on of the best new craft sensations to hit the United Kingdom and the world? If you want to get into 5D diamond painting, the UK...

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5D Diamond Paintings: The many uses, you can benefit from

5D Diamond Paintings: The Many uses, you can benefit from If you’re still on the fence about whether you need to purchase your first 5D diamond painting kit, we’re here to tell you: you should have...

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10 Handy Tips for Diamond Painting Newbies

10 Handy Tips for Diamond Painting Newbies So, you’ve joined the movement at last! Welcome. We’re so glad you didn’t miss the bus. Because know this: with 5D diamond painting, Australia is being ta...

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Why Diamond Paintings make the perfect gift

Why do Diamond Paintings kits make the perfect gift? Well, it’s simple – diamond paintings are a relatively inexpensive, yet easy way to create a specific piece of art for your loved ones. 

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5D Diamond Painting - The complete guide

So, your friend has introduced you to 5D Diamond Painting, or you're starting to see amazing images of 5D Diamond Paintings on the web, but not totally sure what's involved with diamond paintings, ...

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What comes in a 5D Diamond Painting Kit

So, you've discovered the wonderful world of 5D Diamond Painting, it's amazing huh? This guide will cover everything that comes with 5D Diamond Painting Kits and what you should know before purchasing your first kit.

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Collect a Set- How a Set of Images from the Same Collection Can Enhance Your Room

Are you looking for a quick, easy and fun way to effortlessly transform your living space into a stylish & inviting haven? Maybe you feel like the bare and incomplete walls are draining the life out of your room. Sprucing up a room doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You simply need to engage your creativity and let your imagination run free.

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Round vs Square drills

Round vs Square  - what's the difference? Well it can be summarised as simply as this, Square diamonds snap closer together then circle diamonds do, thus creating a more full looking painting. That...

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Popular Diamond Painting Styles in 2020

So, you’ve been completing painting diamond kits for quite sometime and are familiar with the concept, and the styles are available – and are wondering ‘What’s next?’ – or, you’re new to the painting diamonds movement and are looking to get started, but can’t get passed the thousands of different styles and options available.

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