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Painting Diamonds Society

Painting Diamonds Society

After years of either being involved with, or manufacturing and selling diamond paintings we realised that so many of our customers love our products so much that they would purchase so frequently, and in some cases almost daily. 

Diamond Paintings has truly taken the world by storm and helped people flex those artistic muscles in so many different ways. 

For those new to Diamond Paintings, it's a case of not only buying your first diamond painting kit, but also buying all the necessary tools to complete your artwork in the best possible way.

Typically, those who go from once off diamond painters to Diamond Painting artists require accessories such as storage boxes for all those spare diamonds, rulers to keep the diamonds nice and straight a lightpad to shine light through the canvas, and more. 

So that's why we've brought out our new membership based offering 'Painting Diamonds Society' that makes sure that every member of our exclusive society receives all the core tools necessary to complete great quality diamond paintings, as well as new diamond paintings every month, all for a low on-going cost. 




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