Why Custom Diamond Paintings Are the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Why Custom Diamond Paintings Are the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Why Mums Will Love A Custom Diamond Painting

Diamond painting was created in 2015. It was designed as a simpler, faster and more relaxing option to cross-stitching. While mums are familiar with cross stitch and other hand crafts, perhaps they’ve never come across custom diamond paintings before. Here are just a few reasons why your mum will love a custom diamond painting as a Mother’s Day gift:

It’s personal

Instead of easily buying another generic mug, box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers, a custom diamond painting is personal. You’ll be giving your mum something really special that’s been designed with specifically her in mind.

It requires time and effort

A small diamond painting kit can generally take between six and ten hours to complete, while a larger kit may take as many as 50 hours to perfect. The very fact that you’ve invested so much time and effort into making a gift by hand will speak volumes to your mother.

It’s thoughtful

A custom diamond painting shows great attention to detail. By picking a family photo on which to base it, you’re combining nostalgia with sentimentality. A thoughtful gift is always appreciated because of the consideration involved with highlighting a particular family memory or occasion in this artwork.

It’s unique

The best part about a custom diamond painting is that no one else will have one quite like yours. For this reason Diamond Painting Australia craft communities and creatives are so enthralled by this art movement. Your mum will have a painting like no other and so will display it with pride.


Picking the Best Photograph for Your Custom Diamond Painting Mother’s Day Gift

It’s not actually a case of selecting the first photograph you find on your computer. When picking a photograph, keep in mind the following five keys to a successful custom diamond painting creation for your mum:

1.     Size Matters

The larger, the better! If you’re purchasing your custom diamond painting kit from an online company, be sure to upload a photo that’s large in size. A photo that’s too small can’t be used for a diamond painting as its quality won’t be good enough.

2.     High Quality

Along with a large photo size is a high quality. If you zoom in on your photo and notice any blurriness or pixels, it’s probably not good enough.

A custom diamond painting will look its best with an extremely high quality photograph. This is what will give you more details and make it as clear & sharp as possible once it’s been printed onto a canvas.

3.     Check Your Colours and Shading

You’ll want your diamond painting’s colours and shading to look as close to the original photo as possible. Remember that when a photo is transformed into a diamond painting kit, colours and shading are magnified.

If there are any hues affecting your complete photo, these will be exaggerated. This can be fixed by first adjusting the colour and tone of your photograph through a basic editor.

4.     Look at the Lighting

The photograph you choose must have been taken in very good light. If it appears too dark, the brightness and contrast might need to be slightly adjusted first before the photograph is usable.

5.     Select a Suitable Canvas

Canvas size and orientation are key. Look at how many people are in the photograph to determine whether you should select a small or large canvas

In addition, pick the landscape, portrait or square orientation which best matches that of your original photo. This will avoid any cropping of important faces or scenery. The larger a canvas is, the more detailed and similar to the original photo it will be.



You can’t go wrong with a custom diamond painting. It makes for a creative, individual, thoughtful and distinctive gift that’s been made with love & effort. An artwork of this kind is something a Diamond Painting Australia crafter would be proud to showcase. The final result will make this your mum’s ultimate Mother’s Day gift yet. She’ll adore, show off and treasure it for many years to come.



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