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Diamond Art Light Pads – Uses and Benefits for Artists

Diamond painters in Australia are always looking for new ways to make the diamond art process easier. One of the latest tools to use for diamond painting in Australia is a bright light pad. Not sure what a light pad is? Then this article is for you!

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Diamond Society – An Out of This Word Art Subscription!

Diamond Society – An Out of This Word Art Subscription! After years of either being involved with, or manufacturing and selling diamond paintings we realised that so many of our customers love our ...

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How to Seal Your Diamond Paintings

Why? We’re guessing you want your finished painting to last long time. Sealing preserves your painting by preventing any loose diamond beads from falling off, dislodging or losing their shine. 

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Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

It comes as no surprise if you become one of those people who can’t travel anywhere without your diamond painting. But what happens when it’s time to catch the plane and your masterpiece is nowhere near finished? 

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Why Diamond Paintings Make a Great Christmas Present

The season to be merry is just around the corner! Are you running short of Christmas present ideas to gift your family and friends? It’s high time you consider a diamond painting Australia is raving about. Because what better way to spread some holiday cheer than to purchase a diamond painting kit for your loved ones 

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How to Turn Your Personal Photo into Art

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right kind of personal gift for a loved one. Mugs with names on them are popular personalised gifts but most people have so many coffee cups that there’s simply not enough space for all of them.   

Nevertheless, there is another type of personalised gift that’s all the rage at the moment. It’s called diamond painting.

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We now accept afterpay

Painting Diamonds & Artful Zen are pleased to announce that we have now partnered with afterpay. What does this mean? Well, our wonderful customers can continue to shop with us, but can use the...

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How Painting Can Relieve Stress

Do you feel stressed because of work, a relationship, financial problems or perhaps even a global pandemic? Then maybe you need art therapy.

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10 Tips to Quickly Get Started with Paint By Numbers

Have you ever heard of art anxiety? It’s the fear of not being able to produce the art you want because of possible failure or mistakes. However, with paint by numbers you literally can’t go wrong because it provides you with an outline that shows you which colours to use in every section of the canvas. What’s not to love about that?

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